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Career Opportunity / Job Posting

Network Engineer Infinity Network Solutions Inc is expanding its client support team and looking to add an experienced Network Engineer. Infinity Network Solutions Inc, along with our sister company Essential Data Services Inc, is a unique provider of application sharing (Cloud Computing) and off site data backup services, and computer network consulting company, providing high …


IBM System X®: systems for density and performance

IBM Flexibility, simplicity and scale-ability for today’s workloads: When you have the right hardware in place, not only do you achieve a great R.O.I., you benefit from having peace of mind.  IBM systems are known for their reliability and stellar performance. IBM System x® x86 servers will support Microsoft Windows, Linux and virtualization. System X® …


Data Protection and Security

  Data Protection Protecting sensitive data is the end goal of almost all IT security measures. Two strong arguments are; to avoid identity theft and to protect privacy. The improper disclosure of sensitive data can also cause harm and embarrassment and potentially harm the reputation of the Organization. It is to everyone’s advantage to ensure that sensitive data …


What is your data strategy?

Data growth today is so massive it is staggering. According to Gartner*, in the last minute there were 204 million emails sent, 61,000 hours of music listened to on Pandora, 20 million photo views and 3 million uploads to Flickr, 100,000 tweets, 6 million views and 277,000 Facebook logins, and 2 million plus Google searches. Every day, …


XSeries Servers IBM can make infrastructure great

IBM  xSeries Servers For companies on the leading edge with a need for IT on demand, real-time access to accurate information is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Companies of all sizes need a flexible yet simple Business Intelligence solution to help speed the access of company data into the hands of their decision …


Cloud Computing, is it right for your organization?

Cloud Computing There is a lot of talk these days about cloud computing and it seems to be catching on with many companies. It really makes sense to “C” level executives, because it means they don’t have to spend so much money on IT infrastructure or the internal resources required to manage it. Online data …


Essential V.A.R.s Play an important role as an IBM partner

What roles do server and support vendors play, and why? Enterprise IT departments virtualize IT infrastructures to support emerging business intelligence and analytic applications, software distribution,application hosting and other support functions, emphasizing the importance for vendors to provide efficiently managed enterprise server networks. IBM servers attribute to a successful and efficient IT operations. Enterprise customers reported they more highly value  a …


Enterprise customers’ indicate System x® hardware quality and support services are the key differentiators that separate IBM from the the competition.

Enterprise customers view IBM as a trusted partner and provider of x86 hardware and support services. The increased usage of virtualization in server environments and private, public and hybrid cloud computing architectures intensifies the requirements of its System x® solutions. These technology trends play a significant role in the growing amount of mission- and business-critical data streaming through server hardware …


Why Should You Protect Your Data?

                Sooner or later – by mischief, misfortune or mistake – it is statistically likely that you will lose precious data. A 2007 Carnegie Mellon study indicated that 2 to 4% of hard drives have to be replaced every year. That’s just one indication of the threat from …


How well defined are your organization’s Network Security Policies?

                    Policy allows staff to understand the expectations of their employer and provides direction with regards to protecting their company, other employees, customers and data. Development of policy is a critical and often an overlooked activity in security programs.   Many industries today are subject to …

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