Many companies implement elaborate and effective security policies to protect from a “perimeter breach” the network in effect, but neglect to implement strong policies in order to protect the corporate jewel, the database. In most cases the password is the gate to entering the database, the security of the database lies in the hand of the strength, hence the policies surrounding the naming convention of the password. There are a few strategies hackers utilize to gain access to the prize. A brute force attack is the most common, where the perpetrator uses common credential combinations hoping to get lucky. More sophisticated brute force strategies include the use of automation and rainbow tables to gain access.

Another method to “getting in” is to find the treasure map so to speak, the credentials stored on a shared environment, where everyone can access it. Administrators often implement utilities, or scripts in order to simplify their daily routine, these codes or macros may include access codes that can be easily accessible from process tables or unprotected file.

The worst risk and most difficult to manage, plays on human nature and the need to be helpful, where hackers call in posing as a help desk or official department requesting access to repair something on the network.

Finally when companies initiate an implementation they leave the passwords as the default or worse, blank. You can find 1000’s of default passwords easily on the internet, making the database an easy target for any seasoned hacker.

Essential Data Services has a complete strategy on security to help Small and Medium sized businesses stay safe. If  standard basic security policies are implement, a risk factor of 98% due to hacking, is mitigated.

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