VAR's play an important roleWhat roles do server and support vendors play, and why? Enterprise IT departments virtualize IT infrastructures to support emerging business intelligence and analytic applications, software distribution,application hosting and other support functions, emphasizing the importance for vendors to provide efficiently managed enterprise server networks.

IBM servers attribute to a successful and efficient IT operations. Enterprise customers reported they more highly value  a partner that can provide a server solution that excels in TCO.

 Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): TCO is one of the most important factors in infrastructure purchase decisions. Enterprises determine long-term value by evaluating the longevity of the server hardware and the strength of the services provided to support the servers’ up-time. Historically, purchase price was one of the primary decision factors for potential x86 server customers; however, enterprises are increasingly leveraging TCO to gain a more accurate view of long-term business impact. Customers recognize the added value servers provide as they are tasked with increasingly demanding workloads such as analytics, leading TCO to outweigh initial price in purchasing decisions.

Virtualization, Efficiency, Scalability: Enterprise IT departments leverage  virtualization to improve server efficiency and cost-effectiveness by reducing overhead and operating expenses. Additionally, customers seek to efficiently scale network resources and maximize server hardware capabilities by centralizing administrative tasks through automation based on activity or applications. As more enterprises virtualize IT infrastructures, energy efficiency is increasingly important to manage the costs associated with the demanding workloads placed on servers.

Value Added Re-sellers and Service & Support: Enterprise IT departments deploy hardware that meets the demands of business processes and applications, and choose vendors as partners to enhance their in-house support organizations.

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