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Cloud computing Toronto is causing small and medium sized businesses to spend their budgets on hiring staff and consultants, as well as subscribing to cloud technology offerings.  A rapid t move to the cloud has budget-line items allocated for Cloud-related technology and services, and this will increase significantly in 2014 and going forward. The statistics are staggering when you consider that Businesses are spending an average of one third of their budgets on this model and also saving 21% of their IT budget by doing so. Cloud Computing Toronto is becoming such a significant part of day-to-day business, it’s growth is pointing to a tidal wave of change, a permanent shift in how businesses view IT infrastructure. A virtual changing of the guards or new wave industrial revolution of our time.  just as that transition brought many benefits and opened up new possibilities to businesses of the 30’s, so too will the Cloud provide advantages and benefits for its adopters. As most will agree, change is difficult to accept. Transitioning to the cloud implies change to resource needs especially in the IT pool. Businesses will find huge resistance as these gate keepers hold the key.  Senior executives will need to take control in order to realize the benefits, including the most important, the all-mighty budget. Generally speaking,  IT folks are still very set in their ways  and cannot visualize Cloud-based technology as the next movment in IT, nor can they see its true benefit to overall  business, “the big picture”. The true value of cloud computing  is its ability to make the business function in ways that can maximize growth and value.  That means, movement in  new and innovative directions to capture new markets or to stay competitive by keeping up with the market. For this to work, you need to use technology in agile and scalable ways.  Typically, you can’t do that with the existing set of technologies and approaches used today.  A change is required that will better support the business, which is why looking at Cloud computing options are so important. The ability to get the true value of Cloud computing means thinking a bit more strategic than IT is used to doing.   IT’s ability to effectively support the business should be the main objective. Essential Data has an excellent solution for all your cloud needs. We offer a hosted private solution utilizing a Citrix solution, that allows businesses access to all their  applications and data virtually. This allows for flexibility never experienced before. Work from anywhere, any time on any device. Access has never been easier. Our cloud environment also offers a layer of security and services, including standard back-ups, virus protection and 24/7 monitoring, so you will never have to worry about disaster recovery or downtime ever again.


We are a certified IBM partner and use only high performance IBM X series servers, hosted in a high security environment with redundant power and internet.      Essential Data Services, a sister company of Infinity Network Solutions. If you are interested in learning more please call us at 1.866.408.2737 or email us at