26 09, 2013

IBM System X®: systems for density and performance


IBM Flexibility, simplicity and scale-ability for today's workloads: When you have the right hardware in place, not only do you achieve a great R.O.I., you benefit from having peace of [...]

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4 07, 2013

Data Protection and Security


  Data Protection Protecting sensitive data is the end goal of almost all IT security measures. Two strong arguments are; to avoid identity theft and to protect privacy. The improper disclosure of sensitive [...]

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28 06, 2013

What is your data strategy?


Data growth today is so massive it is staggering. According to Gartner*, in the last minute there were 204 million emails sent, 61,000 hours of music listened to on Pandora, [...]

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26 06, 2013

XSeries Servers IBM can make infrastructure great


IBM  xSeries Servers For companies on the leading edge with a need for IT on demand, real-time access to accurate information is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Companies [...]

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3 06, 2013

Why Should You Protect Your Data?


                Sooner or later - by mischief, misfortune or mistake - it is statistically likely that you will lose precious data. A 2007 [...]

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