IBM performanceEnterprise customers view IBM as a trusted partner and provider of x86 hardware and support services.

The increased usage of virtualization in server environments and private, public and hybrid cloud computing architectures intensifies the requirements of its System x® solutions. These technology trends play a significant role in the growing amount of mission- and business-critical data streaming through server hardware and analytics software, leading to a higher frequency of user interaction. In addition to providing near-instant access to important data, today’s servers are responsible for managing the entire lifecycle of data storage and transmission. Enterprises rely on IBM’s engineering and product expertise, proactive hardware management tools and support services, as evidenced by IBM’s No. 1 ranking in all three satisfaction indices: product, sales and service satisfaction.

 Hardware Quality and Reliability: Enterprises deploy servers in increasingly diverse environments, tasking servers with a growing number of business-critical applications and demanding workloads. Some key determining factors for the quality of server hardware and their manufacturers are: evaluating the total value of the servers’ capabilities at the time of purchase as well as ongoing maintenance costs. Enterprise customers reported that vendors with an established reputation of high-quality products and support services have a competitive edge in their server purchasing decisions.

 Service and Support: Enterprise IT departments deploy hardware that meets the demands of business processes and applications, and choose vendors as partners to enhance their in-house support organizations.

Essential Data is a proud IBM partner, and VAR offering quality IBM  hardware and managed services to small and medium sized  businesses.


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