Affordable out-of-box solution that will recover and restore data to your servers in the event of an unplanned loss.

As your company grows increasingly dependent on your servers to run your business and store information, the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place is paramount. Threats to critical data from hackers, viruses, network outages or natural disaster can cause downtime that could cripple your business.

Our sister company, Essential Data Services offers a comprehensive and affordable out-of-box solution that will recover and restore data to your servers in the event of an unplanned loss. We specialize in protecting your data and hosting your disaster recovery solution.

Designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind, our Disaster Recovery Service complements our Remote Backup Services. We deliver huge benefits to businesses at a fraction of the cost needed for an enterprise-level business continuity solution.

Did you know that over 60% of companies do not bother to test their backup systems? And out of that number, only 23% of tape backups actually enabled a proper restoration!

The need to test your backups and ensure that files can be recovered is as important as having a Disaster Recovery plan in place. By neglecting testing, your business may suffer serious losses. Instead of assigning the burden of performing backup testing to your own technicians, let us take that task off your plate.

Our Backup Guardian Services include:

  • Monthly Virtual Failover Testing
  • Monthly Backup Testing
  • Backup Integrity Checks for File System, Exchange and Active Directory
  • Virtual File Browser to Data Stored at Peer-1 Collocation Facility
  • Monitored DR to DR Replication
  • Secure off-site Server Hosting for Disasters

Benefits of DRS vs. Traditional Tape

Tape Disaster Recovery Server
Could take up to 48-72 hours to restore a failed server. Built-in virtualization software provides a Standby Server in less than an hour.
Often takes hours to days to restore based on where tapes are located. Recover a single file or a single mailbox item in minutes.
Offsite storage can be expensive and tapes are often taken offsite as an alternative. Utilize our data center or replicate to another device at your own site.
Recovering data from tape takes many steps and replacement hardware isn’t always available. Next day delivery services are provided by Essential Data Services with the Standby Server ready to host servers.

Features of Disaster Recovery Server Solution

  • Disk-based DRS appliance which is deployed at your location.
  • Built-in virtualization software that enables the device to act as a standby server if a server fails.
  • Recovery features that let you restore a single e-mail, entire mailbox or even a database (SQL, SharePoint, and AD).
  • Data is even further protected because we use our Remote Backup Service to replicate and store your data off-site.
  • Bare Metal Restores to dissimilar hardware.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance on a 24×7 basis.
  • Backup Guardian testing of your DR solution.
  • Comprehensive three year warranty on each device.

Our DRS devices also have:

  • Storage Capacity between 1 to 4 TB.
  • RAID Options.
  • Server backup licenses.
  • Mailbox backup licenses.
  • Bundled Storage options.

In the event your server crashes we will protect your valuable data.

Disaster Recovery Server System (DRS system) is a feature-rich appliance that comes preloaded with all of the backup, recovery and virtualization software you need to enhance your existing backup and business continuity strategy.

First, the DRS device acts as a standby failover server, providing complete application and data backup and flexible restore options. If one of your servers fails, the DRS can be configured in as little as two hours to act as a replacement server, saving you time and headaches by letting your business carry on.

Second, it acts as a backup server on your network, taking snapshots of your data frequently throughout the day. When a DRS is installed in your office along side your traditional Exchange, File and Database servers, an initial base image from each server is saved onto the DRS device. Afterwards, any incremental changes in the image are captured in a snapshot.

By taking snapshots of the data from each server every 15 minutes, the DRS device eliminates the time-consuming chore of tape recovery which can take as long as 72 hours, by the time a failed server gets rebuilt.

Restoring data from our DRS device can take as little as minutes, from any point in time during the day, to recover lost folders, files, and even individual e-mails.

For example:

  • A spreadsheet is created at 10:00 AM, upon which several hours of work is completed.
  • At 3:00 PM the file is accidentally deleted.
  • Because multiple backups ran throughout the day, the lost file can be restored by 4:00 PM by simply finding a recent snapshot of the data that had been taken.

Restore to Dissimilar Hardware

In the event that a replacement server needs to be installed following a data loss, the saved image of your data from the DRS can be quickly loaded onto the replacement unit, no matter what the model or make, in a fraction of the time it takes to rebuild a new server, letting you get back to business faster. This provides flexibility for restorations without the cost and effort to keep a failover server ready at all times.

Incremental Backups

After the base image or initial backup of your server has been created, all future backups are incremental. Incremental backups run based on your preferred frequency.

For example, if you select 24/7 backups in 15 minute increments, 96 incremental files will be created each day. Alternatively, if you select one-hour increments, 24 incremental files will be created each day.

Incremental backups greatly reduce the backup window while also increasing the speed of data restoration.

For additional protection, your backed up data will be encrypted and stored in our secure off-site data centre, utilizing the same security features employed in our advanced Remote Backup Services.

Flexible Recovery Options

Because the server takes a snap-shot of your server image every 15 minutes, you have the option to choose a point in time from which to recover your data. By not being limited to restore only the latest version of your data, you have the added flexibility to restore entire volumes or simply individual e-mails of earlier versions.

On-site and Off-site Solution with Multiple Restore Points

Multiple Disaster Recovery Server devices can be placed on your network. Each Disaster Recovery server, depending on the model, can then be configured to back up one single server or multiple servers giving you multiple levels of redundancy.

We simplify the entire restore process for you by making sure that you don’t need to go back in time any more than necessary.

Daily Monitoring and Management

Traditional backup solutions often require several hours each week of sorting through alerts and troubleshooting, not to mention the additional time that is needed to support various end-user requests for file restoration.

With our DRS Solution, your technical resources will be available for other more profitable uses because we handle all of the monitoring and management for you.

Our Monitoring and Management Services include:

  • Monitoring for failed backups
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Server Failover Support
  • Data Integrity Checks
  • Bare Metal Restore Support

Infinity Network Solutions is an established solution provider designing, configuring and implementing Disaster Recovery solutions for our clients across Canada.

We combine world class technology from partners such as IBM, HP and Cisco with industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise to provide our clients with unsurpassed Disaster Recovery, Backup and Hosting solutions.

With over 25 years of experience, we protect the data of thousands of customers and continue to deliver exceptional service to businesses of all types and sizes.

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