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Cybersecurity can be a scary beast for any organization of any size. The stakes are high. The adversaries are sly. The landscape is always shifting.
These challenges can be especially significant for small and medium-sized businesses that have limited resources in capital and specialized expertise.
Moreover, there is really no right or wrong way to go. It all depends on the nature of the company, the data it needs to protect, how long it can tolerate a breach, and the optimum mix of defensive tactics that make the most sense from a business perspective.
Infinity Network Solutions designed Cyber Defense plans to help small business to meet their Cyber Defense goals and at the same time manage their budget and IT expenses.

Cloud Cycle
How Infinity can help?
Cloud Server

Security Assessment .

– Security Audit and Review
– Firewall Rule Review
– Domain Password Audit
– Network Security Architecture
– Anti-Virus Assessment
– Wireless Assessment
– Vulnerability Assessments
– Penetration Tests
– Web Application Assessments
– Domain Password Audit
– Physical Security

Ongoing security monitoring and management.

Infinity designed a program that includes live alerts for abnormal activity in the network, including alerts from the firewall, NetFlow, Active Directory, anti-virus endpoint. In additional, Infinity developed a monthly dashboard summarizing all events. The monthly dashboard includes the 20 Cyber Defence controls we are monitoring.
– Security Monitoring, all events are monitored 24 x 7
– Alert Escalations and management, abnormal events are investigated and if needed, management is involved
– Security Event Investigation, all abnormal events are investigated to validate the internal network or the data was not breached
– Dedicated Security Teams, Infinity has a dedicated team to monitor and manage its client’s security
– Threat Monitoring, all Cyber Defence systems (Firewalls, NetFlow, Active Directory) are monitored at all times
– Patch & Hotfix Management, Infinity designed a patch management system to ensure the hardware (firewall, servers, end users’ devices) and software (Windows operating systems, third party applications) is patches in regularly basis to address the systems security.

Cloud Cycle

Cyber Security Services

In the digital era, cyber security services are essential for businesses of all sizes. Organizations must prioritize cybersecurity measures as cybercriminals evolve their tactics and cyber security threats become more sophisticated. Our holistic cyber security solutions aim to shield your business from cyber threats, safeguarding your data, networks, and systems.

Cloud Server

Categories of Cyber Security Threats

Benefits of Managed Security Services

Cyber Security Services We Offer

Expert guidance and strategic planning to strengthen your IT security infrastructure and mitigate risks.

A thorough assessment of your existing security stance to pinpoint weaknesses and suggest corrective measures.

Secure your cloud environments with advanced security measures tailored to your specific needs.

Centralized monitoring and analysis of security logs to detect and respond to suspicious activities.

Proactive measures to prevent ransomware attacks and mitigate the impact of malware infections.

Protection and monitoring of servers & business networks to safeguard against external and internal threats.

Comprehensive managed security services tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

How Our Cyber Security Experts Assist You

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Conducting thorough assessments to pinpoint potential weak spots in your IT infrastructure.

Implementing Cybersecurity Frameworks

Deploying industry-standard frameworks to fortify your cyber defenses.

Providing IT Security Risk Assessment

Offering insights into your organization’s cyber risk landscape.

Delivering Managed Security Services

Offering continuous monitoring and management to detect and mitigate cyber threats proactively.


Why are cybersecurity services essential for businesses today?2024-05-09T14:52:54-04:00

Cyber security services are crucial in the digital era as cybercriminals continually develop new tactics and sophisticated threats. Prioritizing cybersecurity protects data, networks, and systems from potential breaches and attacks.

How does Infinity Network Solutions protect against malware?2024-05-09T14:54:38-04:00

Infinity Network Solutions shields your systems from harmful software with robust malware protection measures. Our experts deploy advanced tools and strategies to detect, block, and remove malware, safeguarding your business operations.

What is the significance of 24/7 protection and monitoring in managed security services?2024-05-09T14:56:35-04:00

Continuous surveillance provided by Infinity Network Solutions ensures real-time detection and response to cyber threats. This proactive approach minimizes potential damages, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and data integrity.

How do Infinity Network Solutions assist businesses in improving their cybersecurity posture?2024-05-09T14:57:19-04:00

Our team offers IT security consulting services and conducts thorough IT security risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your infrastructure. With tailored solutions and strategic planning, we strengthen your cyber defences and mitigate risks effectively.

What advantages does Infinity Network Solutions’ employee security awareness training offer?2024-05-09T14:58:19-04:00

Educating your staff on best practices for recognizing and mitigating cybersecurity risks is essential in reducing the likelihood of human errors and breaches. Our comprehensive training programs empower employees to identify potential threats, enhancing your organization’s overall security posture.

How does dark web monitoring help in protecting my business?2024-05-09T14:59:16-04:00

Dark web monitoring allows Infinity Network Solutions to monitor the dark web for any compromised credentials or sensitive information related to your business, enabling timely action to prevent potential data breaches.

What is the average cost of cyber security services?2024-05-09T15:00:55-04:00

Hourly Rates:

  • Freelancers: Cybersecurity freelancers in Canada charge $100-$300 per hour based on experience and task complexity.
  • Company: Cybersecurity firms charge $150-$500 per hour, reflecting added resources and expertise.

Monthly Retainers:

  • Freelancers: Retainer packages range from $1,000-$5,000, depending on services and support.
  • Company: Firms offer retainers starting from $2,000-$10,000, including monitoring, maintenance, and expert access.

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