cloud computing

Cloud Computing

There is a lot of talk these days about cloud computing and it seems to be catching on with many companies. It really makes sense to “C” level executives, because it means they don’t have to spend so much money on IT infrastructure or the internal resources required to manage it. Online data storage has been around for about as long as the internet, but now that there’s such a big push in that direction, one must ask, what does it mean for data security?  Companies are having a hard enough time keeping their local network safe from hackers and data breaches. What happens now, when they put it out on “the Cloud”?

The basic idea of cloud computing is that your information is stored out there on the internet “somewhere”, available for you to access it whenever you want, from any computer. It’s a great concept that really appeals to companies looking for ways to reduce their costs – and in this economy that’s pretty much everyone. Online data storage seems like a reasonable alternative to buying expensive servers and keeping an IT resource on hand to manage and administer; including setting and enforcing security policies and procedures, managing backup, monitoring activity,  and the list goes on.

Some believe that the public Cloud may be fine for pictures and music, but when you start thinking about the data a business keeps on their clients and customers, the stakes go way up. For one thing, you don’t really know where the data is being stored, so you don’t have the first idea what the data security will be like.

Essential data provides a private cloud computing environment, and enforces strict security standards, starting from the A class certified secure facility housing their server farms to the managed services provided, including monitored; backup and virus protection, redundancy, guaranteed up-time, and business continuity programs. Essential is a certified IBM partner and uses quality hardware from IBM, exclusively. IBM X series servers are made to support a cloud environment and provide exceptional performance, quality and dependability. for more information on cloud computing visit