IBM  xSeries Servers

For companies on the leading edge with a need for IT on demand, real-time access to accurate information is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Companies of all sizes need a flexible yet simple Business Intelligence solution to help speed the access of company data into the hands of their decision makers. IBM  has demonstrated the power and scalability of the xSeries server by running nearly 1500 concurrent users. Further, IBM  xSeries platform delivers a flexible, scalable, cost effective Business Intelligence solution to the marketplace.

As solutions go, this architecture can be custom designed for your infrastructure requirements or you can move to a cloud solution, reducing your infrastructure costs, and resource requirements while maintaining easy access to your network from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Essential Data Solutions provides solutions, whether building a solution for your infrastructure or providing a cloud based solution, utilizing high performing and reliable IBM xSeries servers. Essential Data Solutions is a proud and trusted IBM certified partner providing individualized service, from on-site support to consulting, to the private cloud, SAAS solutions, we provide the right solutions for you.