Tried-Cloud-ComputingData growth today is so massive it is staggering. According to Gartner*, in the last minute there were 204 million emails sent, 61,000 hours of music listened to on Pandora, 20 million photo views and 3 million uploads to Flickr, 100,000 tweets, 6 million views and 277,000 Facebook logins, and 2 million plus Google searches.

Every day, more iPhones are sold than babies born.

Data is continuing to grow at an incredible rate. According to IDC’s Predictions 2013: data created and replicated will reach 4 zettabytes in 2013, almost 50 percent more than 2012 volumes.

These figures are staggering.

While these numbers reflect the growth of data on a global scale, the story is the same if you look at enterprise organizations. The average enterprise sees data growth of 40-50 percent each year.

So, what’s driving this incredible growth in data or digital content?

Companies are opening their electronic doors to more interactions with customers, partners and supply chain vendors, which is accelerating data growth on a minute-by-minute basis.  Universal access to mobile devices and the ability to access services via the cloud means that more applications are available to many more users than ever before. By default, this creates increased volumes of data. With the consumerization of IT (more specifically BYOD) IT departments now have to find a way to manage a growing amount of data and find a way to separate employees personal data that lives on these devices from the company’s proprietary data. Finally, regulations require companies in many industries to hold onto data for many years. In fact,  more highly regulated industries are see a much higher than average data growth rates.

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