Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing; convert the LAN room into office space.

For many small to medium size businesses, server rooms can become a thing of the past. The spaces LAN rooms occupy could mean up to a few hundred square feet that could be used for storage, utility, or even an executive’s office.

The enormous cost savings associated with moving to the cloud are often overlooked. Firstly, there are thousands or potentially tens of thousands of dollars spent on hardware and software. Furthermore, there is all the time spent managing back-ups and antivirus as well as the overhead costs of utilities, high speed internet and cooling systems. In addition, there is the maintenance and support required which could mean up to 2 salaries or more. Finally there are opportunity costs, along with all the space a LAN room requires.

Cloud computing is efficient and provides mobility. Working in the cloud allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere providing there is WIFI available. Migrating to the cloud has given employers the benefit to afford to spend more on staff and customers rather than on IT support and traditional office set-ups. The cloud can be attributed to increased productivity due to the flexibility it provides employees.

The cloud is scalable. It can change according to the needs of your business. You can upgrade or change programs as new technology develops. You will never have to worry about backing up, down time, security, viruses, performance, support or administration.

It is evident that cloud computing is the model of the future. Businesses are spending an average of one third of their budgets on this model and also saving 21% of their IT budget by doing so. Cloud computing is becoming a bigger part of the fabric of how businesses operate.  A cloud based environment enables smaller businesses to remain competitive. This new business model has led to a new found freedom for many small businesses because of the greater flexibility that it provides.

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