Cloud computing is starting to have a large impact on small and medium size businesses.

The focus of hiring cloud related staff and consultants, as well as subscribing to cloud technology offerings, is growing.  A rapid move to the Cloud has budget-line items allocated for Cloud-related technology and services.  This movement will continue to increase significantly in 2014 and beyond. The statistics concerning the Cloud are staggering especially when you consider that businesses are spending on average one third of their budget on this model and saving 21% of their IT budget by doing so. Cloud Computing has become the leading technological model creating a permanent shift in how businesses view IT infrastructure. Cloud Computing is quickly becoming the new wave industrial revolution of our time. The Cloud is strong and viable in the present and will bring great benefits and new possibilities in the future to businesses which adopt this technology.

Change is often difficult. Transitioning to the Cloud implies changes to resources, especially in the IT pool. As most IT change is managed by IT administrators, businesses will find huge resistance as these gate keepers don’t want to relinquish their hold on the key. Senior executives will need to shift their position and take control in order to realize the benefits including the most important factor of them all, the budget. We can all get stuck on keeping to the way things are especially if it is working.  This “same old same old” attitude should spark executives to start questioning progress, productivity and efficiencies and recognize the reasons to start looking at Cloud-based technology as the next movement in IT.  Executives who focus on the big picture will recognize the true benefits to the overall business.  The value of Cloud Computing is its ability to make the business function in ways that can maximize growth and worth. Use of the Cloud could singlehandedly create forward movement toward new and innovative opportunities that will help capture new markets while maintaining a competitive edge.

In order to stay at the top, businesses need to use agile and scalable tools which existing technology typically can no longer provide.  A change is required that will better support todays’ businesses.  This change looks at the ever so important Cloud Computing options.

Essential Data has an excellent solution for all encompassing Cloud requirements. We offer a privately hosted environment, utilizing a Citrix solution that allows businesses access to all of their applications and virtual data. This permits flexibility never experienced before! Work from anywhere, any time on any device. Access has never been easier. Essential’s Cloud environment offers layers of security and services including standard back-ups, virus protection and 24/7 monitoring. You will never have to worry about disaster recovery or downtime ever again!