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Cloud Computing Toronto Business Leaders need to be calling the shots.

    Cloud computing Toronto is causing small and medium sized businesses to spend their budgets on hiring staff and consultants, as well as subscribing to cloud technology offerings.  A rapid t move to the cloud has budget-line items allocated for Cloud-related technology and services, and this will increase significantly in 2014 and going forward. …


Cloud Computing An Executive Decision

  Cloud computing is starting to have a large impact on small and medium size businesses. The focus of hiring cloud related staff and consultants, as well as subscribing to cloud technology offerings, is growing.  A rapid move to the Cloud has budget-line items allocated for Cloud-related technology and services.  This movement will continue to …


IBM infrastructure key to our enterprise-class solutions

Several of our blog posts over the last few months have mentioned the fact that when we host your applications and data, we do so on our top of the line IBM hardware. But why do we use IBM? When we started out in 1999, partnering with IBM was the logical choice. At that time, …


Save money – move your applications and data to the Cloud

In todayaE


Choose a cloud provider that exceeds your business needs

Choosing a cloud provider can be a difficult decision. There are dozens of options out there aE” from the corporate giants to personal companies like us. So how do you decide? At the end of the day, you have to choose a provider that meets your business needs. But while youaE


Where do you keep your data?

In the United States, the USA PATRIOT Act allows law enforcement officials, for the purpose of an anti-terrorism investigation, to seek a court order that allows access to the personal records of anyone without their knowledge. Under the Act, U.S. officials can access information about citizens of other countries, including Canada, if that information is physically …


Understanding Cloud Solutions

Much has been written about Cloud solutions aE” including on this blog aE” but do you really understand how it can help your business or are you lost somewhere in the technical mumble jumble? Just for a minute, forget about everything technically speaking and letaE


Proper IT Technologies: From Burden to Asset

Written By: Caitlyn Young www.essentialdata.ca Many small and midsized business owners are seeing IT technology as a strategy to help improve their ever growing business. These improvements include: •    Saving Money •    Saving Time •    Freeing up other resources for you and your staff •    Improving customer service •    Saves your company from a disaster …


Cloud Computing – How it can drive your business forward

Written By: Caitlyn Young www.essentialdata.ca Cloud Computing – A model for delivering information technology  services in which resources are retrieved from the internet through web-based tools and applications, rather than a direct connection to a server. Data and software packages are stored in servers. However, cloud computing structure allows access to information as long as …